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Because I have time in the morning… I get to experience stuff like this:

And what I mean by “time in the morning” is not that I’m hanging around wondering what to do with myself, what with making spirulina smoothies for the family (more on that later), putting together Brady’s lunch, prepping breakfast, breaking up the occasional brother-fight, feeding the cats (and come summer the pony, too), and basically acting as referee and general manager for the 2 1/2 hours we are all up before we have to take Brady to school. What I mean is that I don’t have to get myself ready and out the door early to get to a real job. You know, one that would include grown-up talk and fingerprint-free computer screens and clean clothes. I gave that up so that I could enjoy perks such as this one:

This morning, the boys were cooking something up. They started by actually taking themselves upstairs after breakfast, something I usually have to coax them to do. But first, they both asked for bags of Cheerios to take with them. Strange, but I was just glad they were eating something, so I obliged. Then I made a third cup of tea and scooted up the stairs to take a 5-minute shower. I usually can’t manage this in the morning, but I REALLY had to wash my hair. So a shower it was.

That’s when I noticed that the door to the boys’ room was shut. Sometimes they do this when they’re playing “apartment”, so I let it go. Suddenly, the door bursts open and out pops 6-year-old Brady, looking for the cat. “Where’s Monty?” “I don’t know, probably on my bed.” Sure enough, our fat male cat is sprawled out on my bed, owning the comforter for the time-being. This cat is so, so gentle but SO, SO OCD and destructive, I generally vacillate between cloning him and feeding him to the local pack of coyotes. But for the purposes of today, he’s his sweet, gentle, patient self, especially with two rough and tumble little boys. Somehow Brady manages to corral him into his room, and shuts the door again.

5-minute shower complete, and suddenly 3-year-old Michael is in the bathroom. “Mom, do we have any cat food that tastes like cupcakes?” “Um, no.” “Oh, GREAT!” Michael sarcastically intones. “Brady!” he yells, running back to his room, “We don’t have any!” SLAM goes the door. I have told them A MILLION TIMES not to slam that door.

Door opens again. It’s Brady. “Mommy??!” “Whaaaat?” “Do we have any cat cookies?” “I don’t think so.” “Ok, we’ll just have to make some then.” Make some? “With what, Brady?” “Play-dough!” Oh no you don’t. I can’t handle that kind of mess first thing in the morning! So I put the kibosh on the Play-dough, but they still wanted all the Play-Dough kitchen accessories. FINE, just give me 5 minutes to dry my hair. And I still wasn’t sure what they were up to…

A few minutes go by, then another door opening and bare feet slapping down the hallway. Brady again. “Mom?” “Yeah?” “Do you have your make-up on yet?” “I’m working on it.” “Oh, well, you need to put it on, because we’re having a surprise birthday party for Monty, and you’re invited.” Aaaaahhhh, now I get it. A cat birthday party. So I got right to work on my Bare Minerals foundation (love that stuff) and some sparkly green eye shadow. Hey, I know it’s only Tuesday and I’m just going to school/gymnastics/playground/errands/home/school/karate/ ice cream, but I want to wear sparkly eye shadow and I’m going to!

Said make-up complete and bathrobe still on, I knock on the ‘apartment’ door. “Oh!” I hear from within. Door opens, “Hi, Mom! Welcome to Monty’s surprise birthday party! Would you like some cookies?” The room is a complete warzone, with partially deflated balloons from last week’s birthday party covering most of the floor and about a thousand play kitchen parts and pieces strewn about, flanked by the inevitable cars and trucks that infiltrate my everyday existence. And sure enough, in the middle of it all is Monty, sprawled out on Michael’s new big-boy bed just like the king of the world. I sit down on the floor in my bathrobe and sparkly green eye shadow and I am treated to rows and rows of Cheerios (‘cookies’) served on 2″x 2″ cooking trays straight from the Play-Dough oven. We munch each Cheerio individually, as is fitting for a ‘cat cookie’, Monty snores away, and I think, there’s no way I’m going back to work any time soon.



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  1. Love that they knew enough to make sure you had on your makeup before heading to a party!!

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