Things You Can Do

April 17, 2012 at 2:14 pm | Posted in Kids | 4 Comments
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Things you can’t do when you have a kid with anxiety:

  • Watch the news (although I wouldn’t do this in front of a typical kid, either, these days)
  • Listen to loud/raucous music
  • Turn on the radio when you are cleaning the house after he goes to bed (you might not hear him call down to make sure you’re still there for the 4,637th time, resulting in extreme panic and an unexpected visit from said child)
  • Talk about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny before the age of 5 (“WHAT???!!! A strange guy (or giant talking rabbit) breaks into your house while you’re sleeping and brings things in and moves stuff around and you’re not supposed to see him and then you just pretend everything is ALL RIGHT???!!!”)
  • Sign them up for any type of performance (this just might be accomplished if they can wear sunglasses for the camera flashes, headphones for the loud music/clapping, and a suit of armor for all other contingencies)
  • Expect them to behave appropriately when nice people in a store say hello to them (no, clinging to my arm with your head pressed into my side so hard you’re practically breaking my rib while whining “Mooooommmmmmyyyyy!” is NOT age-appropriate for a 6-year-old)
  • Go see fireworks
  • Run back into the house for 5 seconds with the car still in the garage because you forgot your phone (not without your little darling in tow, anyway)
  • Take a shower or use the bathroom with complete privacy (they might not be in there with you, but they are certainly very close by)
  • Let them play video games with their cousins (Where should I begin? The weird characters, the violence, the noise, the distressing storylines…)
  • Go to Disneyworld (Again, where should I begin? The costumes, the crowds, the overstimulation…)

Things you can do when you have a kid with anxiety:

  • Threaten to leave them alone when you can’t get them to do what you want (sorry, but sometimes you have to pull out all the stops!)
  • Turn your head for 5 seconds in a store (they would never dare leave your side or try to hide from you)
  • Trust that they will not jump into the lake/pool/road when you are not looking (heck, they won’t even do it when you ARE looking)
  • Be pretty sure they won’t get bitten by the neighbor’s dog (they’d climb a tree rather than let the thing within 6 feet of them)
  • Know they won’t become part of the gang of rogue 6-year-olds at school (they can’t let the teacher out of their site long enough to misbehave that badly)
  • Not worry about them falling off the jungle gym (seriously, they’d  have to climb up there first)
  • Enjoy a quiet house without the constant drone of TV, radio or video games
  • Snuggle on the deck and look at the stars
  • Read lots of books together
  • Have quiet talks about important things like where the moon goes in the morning, why you can’t see angels, and how horses talk to each other
  • Love them like crazy

I love you my sweet Brady James.




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  1. Awwww…sweet!

  2. You CAN come and visit Grandma Rose & Grandpa Bill and play all day long.

  3. You also can’t tell them you are going to chop off their fingers, not that I would ever say that! -_-

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