Bed, Bed, Bed

May 6, 2012 at 9:02 am | Posted in Kids | 4 Comments
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A word about sleeping and beds in our house…

First of all, why does my bed seem so much more appealing in the morning than at night? The sheets are softer, the covers are warmer, and it’s so easy to just re-drift off to sleep even after being woken up 3 or 4 times by the boys. Why is that? At night, there are so many things that interest me more than my bed, but in the morning, aaaahhhhh.

Of course, my children see this in the opposite light. They are perfectly happy to go to bed and quickly fall asleep, but they are up like clockwork by 5:45 every morning. It doesn’t matter if they go to bed at 7:00 p.m. or at 9:00p.m., they are still up and rarin’ to go no later than 6:00. So why can’t Mommy get to bed early, too?

It must be that I simply can’t “turn off”. My brain is always going a million miles a minute. I just want to finish one more task, read one more page, or think about tomorrow’s plans one more time before going to sleep. (Having two franchises of The Real Housewives going at once doesn’t help either. I always seem to be either catching up with a marathon or voraciously viewing the latest episode – and staying up WAY past my bedtime to do so.) I have even been known to get back up OUT of bed and go to my computer if an idea or inspiration hits. Don’t get me wrong – I’m certainly not one of those people who doesn’t need 8 hours/night. In fact, I probably need 9. But I never get it.

And then there’s my husband. He’s got the power. That man can turn it off in an instant. He literally turns off the light, lies down, and is snoring within seconds. What IS that? Is there anything going on inside that brain at all?? I know – I’m just jealous. I would like to be taught this trick, but you know, the whole “old dog” thing.

Lately, my kids have developed the funniest bedtime habit. They share a room – nice big comfy beds on opposite sides of a large room. Simple, right? Not in my house. First of all, when Michael came along, Brady decided that the baby made too much noise and he couldn’t fall asleep, so we got a little floor-level pull-out “couch bed” for Brady in the loft. Every night, he starts out there, and Matt later carries him to his bed. Ok, fine. Over time, this progressed to Michael and Brady actually talking to each other from loft to bedroom before falling asleep at night. Still, Brady did not want to go back into his own room to fall asleep.


Last week, Michael “heard something scary” in his room, and Brady, king-of-understanding-all-that-is-scary, invited Michael to join him in his couch bed. I came upstairs to find them snuggled under the covers together, giggling and looking at a Highlights magazine. Very cute, yes, but they need to get some sleep. We’ve tried to put the kibosh on this, but every night, Michael sneaks out of his bed and joins Brady in the couch bed! And they are actually learning to fall asleep together! Now, one would think that if Brady just WENT TO BED IN HIS OWN BED IN HIS OWN ROOM that they could then be together and no one would be scared or lonely. But that’s just too much to ask. Brady still refuses. And who am I to fight them? Nothing like a little brotherly love to get you through the night.

Some close friends of mine once had a bed they loved so much they called it “bed, bed, bed”. Apparently saying “bed” one time just didn’t capture the sleeping-on-air-fabulousness that this bed provided. As for me, if only my sheets could be pre-warmed before I get in them, and a personal assistant could take notes on all the things I’m thinking about and don’t want to forget for tomorrow, and a house staff would take care of all the things around the house that need to be done before I go to bed. Then I think I might, just might, be able to lie down early and get some sleep, too. But for now, I guess I’ll just keep dreaming about getting more.





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  1. I think the best thing to do is to move your office into the boy’s room and let them have the loft. It seems to work the best!

  2. You are definitely singing my song. No matter how early I go to bed hoping to avoid that “don’t want to get up” feeling in the morning, I still hate to leave my warm cost oh so luxuriantly relaxed and sleepy bed in the morning. It seems like it would be better to be a morning person but then I’d miss out on those occasions when I can just enjoy staying in bed. By the way, love the picture of the boys. So cute and snuggly!

    • Hmmm, perhaps this is where I get it… Are you secretly blogging all night, too? 🙂

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